Monday, June 3, 2013

Vanessa Fleisch (For Mayor)

  • Has voted for every major tax increase since be elected.
  • Well connected with developers. Has voted for every major development, after promising otherwise when running for council.
  • Has claimed to be the most civil member of council. City employees say otherwise. Widely regarded as one of the two major faces of council discord, the other being Don Haddix.
  • Another council member has accused her of being a control freak and unable to work with others. Has openly said that her tenure as mayor would be disastrous.
  • Has offered no input to councils most important duty- creating a budget. Constantly defers to Eric Imker on budget items.

George Dienhart (For Mayor)

  • Looks Mayoral. Always dressed as though he respects his office. He is the only candidate that wears a tie.
  • Has a plan for the city. I've seen him 3 times now. He always talks about issues, not the other candidates.
  • Seems to be a good speaker that will represent the city well.
  • Has an excellent reputation with the current county board, as well as our legislative delegation.
  • Possible health issues. Suffered a heart attack first year in office.
  •  Has taken the lead in issues of council behavior. Is currently fighting the light at Line Creek that other council members seem to have flipped on. Dienhart wants them to honor their word.
  • Presented a balanced budget to other members of council. He was the only council member to do so.
  • Voted against Millage increase.
  • Voted against the new neighborhood on the South side. He cited school closures causing overcrowded schools as one reason. Other council members (including Fleisch and Learnard) said that they didn't believe school closures would happen. They did.
  • Was a vocal opponent of the defeated TSPLOST.

Ryan Jolly (For Mayor)

  • States that he is negotiating with large companies to bring their services to Peachtree City. This is most likely a lie, as no company would negotiate with someone that is totally outside the decision loop.
  • No leadership experience. Does his company have more than one additional employee?
  • Launched his campaign by calling for a list of initiative that had already been carried out in the previous year by the current city council.
  • Out of touch with the services provided by the city. States that there are no children's activities in Peachtree City.
  • Seems confused of the difference between the Core Infrastructure SPLOST and the Transportation SPLOST.
  • Seems uncomfortable in talking to large and small groups. 
  • Has no plan. Constantly puts off the unveiling of his plan.
  • Can't stress enough how bad a public speaker he is. I could almost smell the fear on him both times I saw him speak. (See attached video)

Harold Logsden (For Mayor)

  • Supported Heavy rail service to (and through) Peachtree City
  • Supported failed TSPLOST initiative
  • As Mayor, he formed a business partnership with the then current City Manager. He then tried to hide the arrangement from the public.
  • Was responsible for a rezoning effort that put a residential neighborhood next to the airport.
  • His constant support of developers caused the Big Box Traffic Corridor that chokes at the Hwy 54 and Hwt 74 intersection. He, along with Don Haddix are most responsible for our traffic mess.
  • All of his political supporters were recently removed from office: Ken Steele, Jack Smith, Herb Frady and Eric Maxwell
  • Supported a developer road, that was similar to the West Fayette Bypass that cost the previous county board their jobs. The road (TDK Expansion) would have routed additional traffic through Peachtree City to one million square feet of retail in Coweta County.
  • Announcement had no initiatives or plans within. 

Don Haddix (For Mayor)

Observations from past years in office and video as posted below.

  • Sued the city for 12 thousand dollars
  • Was sued by Harold Logsden for slander (settled out of court at taxpayer expense).
  • Shunned by neighboring city's leadership
  • Shunned by legislative delegation.
  • Possible health issues- watch the video below. He physically shakes throughout his statement.
  • Has not been able to work with any member of city council to accomplish anything.
  • Statement from his wife was allegedly responsible for a high level city employees resignation.
  • Routinely argues with citizens via the Citizen blogs.
  • Is widely recognized as poor negotiator- leading to his removal from LOST negotiations.
  • Widely recognized as poorly organized and lacking leadership skills- this lead to his removal as Fayette's representative to the Atlanta Regional Commission.
  • Has not been able to effectively lead city employees- multiple scandals in Police and File Departments since he has taken office.
  • Has not been able to effectively lead City Council- he has made multiple statements that were later proven to be wrong. These include his "killing" the Hotel/Motel tax. 
  • Has no plan.Watch the video.  
  • Blames others for our cities problems, and routinely takes credit for its triumphs- whether he was involved or not.